I'm Taren, a mom on a mission to help women love themselves again.

Are you tired of feeling like you’ll never truly LOVE your body? Or are you tired of trying to figure out who YOU are outside of mom and wife?

You know you have a lot to be grateful for, but that nagging, unfulfilled feeling doesn’t seem to go away.

You know what you want or need to do to feel totally happy, but you can’t seem to muster up the motivation to do anything about it?

I get it! It’s hard to get started when you feel like you have so far to go or when your days are filled with motherly and wifely duties.

After years of struggling with my own self-confidence and trying to figure out who I was outside of being a mom and wife, I decided to start on a journey of discovering my own identity and finding self-confidence.

While on this journey I truly wanted a community of other women who “get it”. I wanted to connect with other moms struggling with the same things I was.

I tried to find other moms who were once where I was and were now happy and confident both in their bodies and in knowing who they were outside mom and wife.

I wanted to find a mom on social media who I could be inspired by. One who didn’t just post the latest viral challenges, the perfectly posed family photos, or their newest intro video, but who showed her real-life struggles and how she was dealing with them, someone who let me know I wasn’t the only one feeling like she had lost her identity.

I couldn’t find her, so I became her.

For the moms who have lost themselves and their confidence, I see you, and I’m here for you. This blog is for YOU!

On this blog I share advice, tips, & products that have helped me to rediscover my confidence, my identity, and made mom life easier.

Part of connecting with you and building a relationship is getting to know each other so here's a little bit about me:

Above all my 1st and most important role in life is being a boy mom! I have 3 rambunctious and very creative boys who make me laugh and smile daily. 

I have been married to the most patient and loving man I have ever met for 12 years. He is currently serving our country as an active duty airman in the Air Force. 

I have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, New Jersey, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, Pennsylvania, and I somehow landed back in New Jersey! 

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have built businesses as a newborn photographer, network marketing, and am now building a business around my personal brand.

I found a love for marketing after building a very successful network marketing business in which I enjoyed building relationships with the women I helped more than the product I was selling. I knew from there that I wanted to venture off to pursue my own dream of helping women regain their confidence and identity after motherhood. 

So Here We Are!

Some fun facts about me:

• I LOVE Jesus! 

• I’m a TOTAL girly-girl!

• My favorite color is pink.

• I homeschool my kids (never thought I ever would).

• I love decorating my home to make it feel like home since we move A LOT! 

• I hate surface-level conversations! Let’s talk about stuff that actually matters.

• Christmas decor, music, and movies in November is a must for my mental health! 

• I love sparkle & glitter, if I didn’t drive a van I would totally own a sparkly pink car!

• I am an information connoisseur (I LOVE to learn)! Especially if it involves marketing! 

• I love staying health & fitness – love seeing people’s meal preps and cute workout clothes!

• I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall! Give me all the pumpkin spice lattes & candles, boots, and crisp air.

• I enjoy taking care of my body – baths with my fave bath bombs, working out, & dressing up. 

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How Can I help you?

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