In this post, you will learn what you can do to look forward to working out so you never feel guilty about missing another gym day again.

Finding the time to workout can be really tough! The last thing you want to do after a long day is to move more! Am I right? You want to take a bath, watch your favorite show, anything but get your sweat on. 

Often when starting our workout routines we try to jump straight into doing a month or longer program. The problem with this is if you are very sedentary as is jumping straight into a month-long program can be hard to commit to. 

Often what happens is when we commit to these long programs we end up missing a day the first week and then we self-sabotage and quit. It is an all or nothing attitude. 

Make Small Commitments

Instead of jumping straight into a month-long program commit to small changes first. If you only take 1-2,000 steps a day commit to maybe adding 1,000 more, working out 3 days a week for 15 minutes, or getting things you ask your husband or kids to get for you instead (I’m calling myself out here haha).

Do Something You Enjoy

Other than making small commitments starting out another way you can enjoy working out is by doing something you already enjoy. Don’t jump into doing cardio if you can’t stand the idea of jumping around or running. 

Just Move!

Often we think of exercise as a program that we can follow with a calendar to mark off the days we worked out. We need to think of working out or exercise as ANY movement. Click To Tweet

Some ways I love to increase my movement that doesn’t feel like exercise and that helps me keep active are:

  • Dancing with my boys or learning new choreography
  • Playing a VR game, Wii game, or any game requiring movement
  • Jumping on the trampoline (again with my boys)
  • Goin on a walk with a friend or family member
  • Going on a hike

What is your favorite way to get your exercise in? 

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